About us

When it comes to hair trends, we wanted to spoil women and men. Keratin Hair Academy collection is based on Keratin and various vitamins and redefines what it means to be an industry leader.

Our hair consists in 95% of Keratin. This Keratin is a natural protein which protects our hair against pollution, drying, UV, sea water and strengthens the impermeability of the hair. Keratin is also responsible for the elasticity, shine and strength of the hair.

Keratin Hair Academy is a professional line of hair products enriched with beneficial ingredients, blends and Ceramid 2patent complex to make the hair feeling soften, smoother and shinier. Keratin Hair Academy products are formulated without harsh ingredients making the line perfectly suitable for all hair type.

Our Mission

Keratin Hair Academy aims to create high quality, clean hair care products that deliver beautiful results with your health in mind. We seek out the best plant-based ingredients and avoid synthetic fragrances, and other potential components so that everyone can get a beautiful hair!

We have created 4 ranges of brands which are proposing different products such as shampoo, conditioner, mask, moisture and serum for all types of hair included products line for men.